Stop Celebrating a Large Tax Refund!


Tax season is like clockwork, it comes every year and all individual returns are due on the 15th day of April (US §6072-A) or to at least submit a request ...

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6 Budget-Friendly & At-Home Valentines Day Date Ideas in 2021


Has January felt extremely long to anyone else? As we get closer to the end of the month, you may be finding Valentine’s Day beginning to creep up on your ...

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Stop Doing THIS With Your Credit Card Points!


Credit card rewards, cash back, airline miles, and the likes were major gimmicks banks used to attract us to using credit cards more; and it worked! We sign up for ...

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4 Steps to Track Your HSA Expenses With Quicken


For anyone who uses a Health Savings Account (HSA) knows you need a good system to track your expenses and receipts in the event of an IRS audit. If they ...

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How to Budget Like a Pro

finances and budget scaled

Learn why it's important to budget and some pro tactics to be successful with your budget.

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What is a Financial Coach?

two_women_talking scaled

Do you feel on top of your finances? Confident that you’re on the right track and making good financial decisions? According to a report from the 2020 Consumer Literacy Survey ...

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What’s an Emergency Fund, and do I need one?

emergency_fund 1140x660 1

The common phrase many have heard growing up is that “you have to save for a rainy day”. This is really saying that you need to be ready for when ...

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2 Methods to Pay Down Debt: Snowball & Avalanche


To really get a grip on our debt, we need to become the boss with a plan to remove it from our lives. We all do this differently based on ...

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How Student Loans Work

Money and education

Student loans are a hot topic right now in the United States. The current statistic is that roughly 44 million people carry a total of $1.5 Trillion of student debt. ...

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