Website Maintenance

Gone are the days of Set-and-Forget websites. Details of the business and services are always changing and more recently, smarter websites are built, or more commonly, Content Management Sites (CMS). Both situations rely on website maintenance and updates. With CMS sites, you need to ensure they’re using the latest plugins to protect from hacking and viruses. Our maintenance plans help keep your site up to date.

Hourly Rate

Our maintenance hourly rate is $50/hr.
This can be billed in half hour increments.

Wordpress Support

Update WordPress

Wordpress needs its core updates, theme updates, and plugin updates to keep your website running smoothly and securely.

Content Updates

We can help you keep your content updated and publish new posts. We can even help you with staying on top of your content.

Store Maintenance

We can help you set up an eCommerce shop and with adding and maintaining products in your store.

Wordpress Support Plans







1. Email and Text support allows you to ask any question you have about your site and hosting it and we will get back to you. We have a 3 business day SLA. Questions that require larger effort and time may be considered part of the support hour.

HTML + CSS + PHP Support

Custom Sites

We can help support custom made websites where the source code needs to be modified to change the site. We can support HTML/CSS/PHP.

Source Control

If your site is not already source controlled through GIT/SVN/etc, when we support your site, we will keep track of all changes done.

New Features

We can extend your site with new pages and features. Add new content, pictures, and social media integrations.