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Privacy Policy

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General Terms of Service

Use of this Site

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This Site, and other communications provided, may contain links to other sites on the Internet that are owned and operated by third parties. You acknowledge that We are not responsible for the operation of or content located on or through any such site.

Affiliation Links

Within our site, mainly the blog, we may inject affiliate links within the content. We earn commissions from certain, qualified purchases. Not all links are affiliate status, but a method for us to track clicks. To maintain the transparency and trust of our users, we will update this section with our affiliates.

  • As an Amazon Associate, We earn from qualifying purchases on

Electronic Communication

When you use this Site or send emails to Us, you are communicating with Us electronically. You consent to receive communications from Us electronically. We will communicate with you by e-mail or by posting notices on this Site or through our other services. You agree that all agreements, notices, disclosures, and other communication that We provide to you electronically satisfy any legal requirements that such communications be in writing.


As a rule, payments are due at the time of service or before, depending on the service rendered. Additional sections may amend this rule. We support cash, check, and credit card payments through our payment provider. Our current payment provider is PayPal. We reserve the right to charge an additional fee for use of credit cards. Late payments are also subject to additional fees. By accepting our services, you agree to pay all invoiced amounts.


We do allow refunds on unused services. These typically include prepaid services and may exclude any discounts given due to prepayment. If an egregious error has been made, we may consider rendering a refund or work to correct the problem. Please contact us to review any issues with the service rendered.

Any purchases made on this site may also be returned for a refund. We reserve the right to exclude return shipping costs in any event where we were not at fault for the issue with the item. Any purchases of digital items are final and non-refundable. This includes downloadable media or access to protected pages.

Web Hosting Terms of Service


Our web hosting service provides you with the resources needed to host a website, manage DNS settings, and email inboxes. As an addition to the service, we offer a web-based email client, also known as webmail, for your convenience. We offer our resources at varying package levels that you may select depending on your needs.

When entering into an agreement to purchase our web hosting service, you understand that the content hosted on our systems is subject to these terms of service. We reserve the right to suspend accounts that break our terms or fail to pay. We will delete all content from an account within 3 months of entering a suspended state unless the account is brought into good standing.

Hosted Content

As part of the service, We own the server and you own the content within your account. In this, you are in charge of ensuring that the content hosted does not have the potential to bring harm to Our system or other customers hosting within the same system. We reserve the right to suspend and delete your account, without notice, for hosting any of the following content:

  • Illegal or Stolen Content
  • Any form of pornography
  • Solicitation or forms of support for terrorist organizations
  • Web-based proxies

If you use any other types of content that we deem unacceptable, we may still suspend your account only after requesting the removal of the content. If we deem the content to be a security, privacy, or customer risk, we may suspend the account right away and then notify you.

Domain Names

As part of our domain hosting service, when registered or transferred, We become custodians of the domain. This excludes domains registered elsewhere using our server as the name server only. As part of the service agreement, you still own the domain and have rights to it as long as you do not let the registration lapse for lack of payment. We will allow controlling of the Domain Name System (DNS) properties of the domain through our control panel. Control of this excludes unlocking and transferring the domain. If you wish to transfer, please contact us to begin the process. We include answering basic questions on managing the DNS properties or transferring domains as part of the registration fee. Additional support, such as supporting a third-party email provider, may be purchased.

Control Panel

You will be given access to our system control panel to manage the resources of your service. This control panel will give you options based on your purchased package and may show your utilization. It is your responsibility to protect the credentials to your account along with any programs you set up. Unless explicitly written, you may not resell any of the resources we offer to you, nor share them with any third parties, not in the agreement.

Unacceptable Activities

As a web hosting customer, you’re given access to our cloud-based servers. You agree to not use these resources to cause harm to us, our customers, or other systems owned or not by Us. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Penetration testing or hacking/cracking
  • Denial of Service (DoS) or Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)
  • Torrent seeding or downloading of any sort
  • Sending unsolicited, or excessive amounts, of e-Mails or SPAM

Payments & Refunds

For customers not using our website subscription service, we send out bills the month prior to your service renewing. The invoice is due by the renewal date or your account will become late. After the renewal date, we reserve the right to suspend your account if payment is late. At least 90 days after expiration, we will remove all data associated with the account unless reactivating the subscription. Any domains expiring past the subscription renewal date may also expire anytime and we cannot guarantee recovery of domains.

For customers using our website subscription service, your subscription will auto-renew against your selected credit card. You are responsible for ensuring you update the credit card in the event of expiration.

In the event, your subscription is suspended and you wish to renew, we will charge a one-time $19.95 reactivation fee. We will also charge a $4.95 domain recovery fee in the event the domain expired and we need to reregister.

If you no longer wish for us to host your website, please give us notice before your renewal bill goes out. There are no cancellation fees if done anytime before your renewal date.

For new customers, we offer a refund of your hosting subscription if you’re not happy within the first 14 days of signing up. Due to the nature of domain names, we cannot offer any refunds for this product after registration occurs; this includes hosting subscriptions that registered a domain name with us upon signing up. Your account can be changed to DNS hosting only to maintain control over your domain until it expires.

Microsoft Office 365

To improve the service offering of our email hosting, we offer the service of setting up and maintaining an Office 365 account for you. This is offered through our Business 365 and Business Pro 365 email plans. You will receive all the benefits of an Office 365 Business Basic or Standard (respectfully) subscription but we will administrate the accounts. You can view all the benefits of the subscription on Microsoft’s website here.

When registering an inbox, you will be signed up for a year contract. We charge a one-time, $5 sign-up fee for those opting to be billed monthly. In the event you wish to cancel before your time is up, please notify us and we will mark your subscription for cancellation. If you cancel your subscription, we have the right to bill you the full amount of the remainder of the subscription. Your subscription to an inbox is not tied to an email address. If you wish to change email addresses, we can reuse your current subscription without the need to order a new one.

Availability Liability

As the service provider, it is Our responsibility to ensure the availability of our servers and the availability of your applications to your clients. However, understand that from time to time our services will become unavailable and we will work to correct this as fast as we can. We do not extend any guarantees on the availability of the service and will only consider extending a refund in the event the interruptions extend past 5 days.

Partner Program

We here at Ziegler Services understand the importance of small businesses, as we are one ourselves, and have started a program where we partner with businesses to offer discounted services. Each offering may be unique based on need. However, as a partner with us, you agree to promote us as your site designer and host (scouts honor) along with agreeing to leave us an HONEST review of our services on our site and, by request, other sites we choose.

If we build your website for you in this program, you may choose your subscription to be billed monthly or annually but must complete two years of hosting with us to gain ownership of your site. This means, in the event you wish to switch hosting providers within the two years, you do not have rights or ownership of the site and its files and are not allowed to move it. After the two-year period, we give you full ownership of the site and all the files to do with as you will.

Technology Services Terms of Service


Our technology services provide you with support to fix your problems associated with your computers, network, and home devices. We offer two levels of services, Standard and Advanced. Our standard services are billed at an hourly rate where our advanced services would be estimated and billed for a flat fee.

Data Liability

We will do everything we can to ensure our customer’s data is preserved but it is the responsibility of the customer to have backups or make a request for a backup to be performed at an additional fee. This section limits the liability of Ziegler Services LLC in the event of data loss from a service. However, in the event of accidental data loss, we may offer a discount or for free, our data recovery service to attempt to make you whole again. You understand that we cannot be liable for data stored in uncommon directories, such as photos in the programs folder, that may be missed during cloning or transfers.

Business to Business Pricing

We understand technology helps fuel business and its importance to operations. With the increased risk of liability, you understand that any services rendered for, or paid by, a business must adhere to our business pricing model. If we later find out that we performed work for a business at consumer prices, we have the right to re-invoice for the cost difference. Our business pricing is the base hourly rate and is not discounted on future hours. We may, if there is an extended relationship, negotiate new contracted pricing.


If you have any questions about these terms of service, you may contact us via our Contact page.