Special Benefits


Get noticed with your own custom, personalized email address. Stop using the standard @Gmail, @Yahoo, or @YourISP email addresses.

Access Anywhere

Access your emails on the go with our Webmail client or setup to connect with your phone and computer.

Advanced Features

Setup one inbox but have multiple aliases, set up mail forwarding, autoresponders, and secure your email with DKIM.


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Select Your Domain

Choose a domain name that'll be used for your email address.

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Choose Your Email Plan

Choose an available email plan that best fits your needs.

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Place your order for which plan you'd like through our store and we'll get you online!

Popular Pricing Plan





Business 365

via Office 365


Business Pro 365

via Office 365


Our email plans are designed for a single account. You may subscribe multiple times for more inboxes and unsubscribe anytime when you no longer need the inbox.

Choose to pay annually for your subscription and get a whole month free! 365 solutions also require a 1-year contract but may be billed monthly.

Why Choose Us


Fast Servers

Our cloud servers are designed to process and serve your emails quickly and effectively.


Personalized Support

Our small business model focuses on ensuring our clients get support personalized to their needs.


Secure Servers

We ensure our servers are locked down and secure.



We have multi-layered firewall to minimize potential gaps in our security.


99.5% Up Time

Our servers run 24/7 and we strive to minimize having down time.


Free 24/7 Support

Contact us any time by email. In emergencies, send us a text!


All in One

We can both help host your site along with running it!


Spam Filters

Our email servers are utilizing SPAM filters to help cut down on the number of unwanted emails.

Frequently Asked Question

All of our clients can navigate to https://webmail.zieglercomputing.com to access the webmail. Your username is your email address for the inbox.

Our mail server settings are as follows:

  • IMAP: mail.zieglercomputing.com 993
  • POP3: mail.zieglercomputing.com 995
  • SMTP mail.zieglercomputing.com 465

These settings use TLS and are secure.

As a business, we can set up a personalized URL that can be used for your employees such as hxxps://webmail.mybusiness.com. We can also setup your DNS to support endpoints such as imap.mybusiness.com, smtp.mybusiness.com, etc. This essentially removes our branding and makes it yours.

Yes. You can add your email using the incoming mail server endpoints and ports. For security, you need to use your credentials for incoming and outgoing connections.