What is a Financial Coach?

A financial coach is someone who can teach you good personal finance skills and supercharge your financial fitness. They can come along side you and show you budgeting tactics, different approaches to finance, and keep you motivated to act on your plan.

1-on-1 Financial Coaching Can Help

  • Pay Down Debt

  • Set a Budget

  • Large Purchases

  • Student Loans

  • Relationships

  • Future Planning

Paying Down Debt

Feeling overwhelmed with the credit card payments, loans, or anything else boggling you down? With a financial coach, we can help you organize your debts and create a plan.

  • Prioritize Debts
  • Refinance Debts
  • Payment Plan

Come out feeling in charge of your debts and hopeful knowing you have a plan!

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Setting a Monthly Budget

The only way to be financially fit is to be in charge of your money. This means assigning jobs for each dollar rather than waiting for the end of the month to ask where it went.

A financial coach can show you best practices and guide you through developing, maintaining, and sticking to your monthly budget. There’s no cookie-cutter when it comes to your budget, it needs to be personalized.

Let us show you how a budget is not restrictive, but liberating!

Learn Some Tips for Being a Budgeting Pro

Saving For a Large Purchase

We don’t just fall into buying a home, we have to plan for it. This means setting aside money specifically for the purchase by setting up a sinking fund or a savings account. A financial coach would be able to guide you through modifying the budget, give a recommendation on whether it’s a good idea or not, and helping you see your goal through.

We can fall into buying a car but that doesn’t mean we should. They make taking out car loans easy with 0% down sometimes. This is enticing but not always smart when you have other debt. A financial coach would be able to help you set a plan to achieve your goal.

You need to:

  • Build a plan
  • Set a budget
  • Save through a sinking fund

Managing Student Loans

Anyone going to college can take out a student loan. The government will hand it to the most credit worthy to those without any money. There’s a lot of information out there, regulations, definitions, hoops to jump through, etc. that can make the student loan field confusing and overwhelming.

A financial coach can help you through navigating the student loan field and building plans to pay them back when you’ve completed your degree. Don’t let the assumption everyone has student loans hold you back.

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Relationships and Money

We’ve heard it many times that about half of all marriages in the U.S. end in divorce and that most of them are due to money problems. This is a sad statistic but you don’t need to be a part of it. Relationship problems expand outside marriages as well and can occur with friends, family, and even in dating.

Working with a financial coach can help shed some light on where issues really lie and methods to address them. Dealing with financial problems in marriage may need a combination of financial counseling along with marital counseling. A lot of it comes down to communication.

Planning for the Future

The now may be just making more money and paying down debt, but what comes after? Working with a financial coach can help ensure you have the skills to tackle

  • Emergencies
  • Large Purchases
  • Retirement
  • Career Changes

Getting out of debt and maintaining a budget can give you the freedom you want in life.

Our Process

Discovery Call

We'll meet to review your request along with get to know you, and you us, and our process. We'll also give you homework before our session.

Coaching Session

We'll get together and review your homework and start coaching you through your finances.


Through session followups and additional sessions, we'll make sure you feel comfortable taking charge of your finances.

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