Would Extra Money Make a Difference?

person holding 100 us dollar

The point of this post is to get you to reflect and consider the way you approach your finances. There have been talks in politics about a universal basic income ...

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What’s an Emergency Fund, and do I need one?

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The common phrase many have heard growing up is that “you have to save for a rainy day”. This is really saying that you need to be ready for when ...

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How I Paid Off $85,000 In Student Debt


At age 18, I decided to go to a university to study engineering with little understanding of the financial implications that may come with this large decision. I was cheered ...

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2 Methods to Pay Down Debt: Snowball & Avalanche


To really get a grip on our debt, we need to become the boss with a plan to remove it from our lives. We all do this differently based on ...

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How Student Loans Work

Money and education

Student loans are a hot topic right now in the United States. The current statistic is that roughly 44 million people carry a total of $1.5 Trillion of student debt. ...

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